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National Operators Training Licenseing Scheme

About Us

The National Operator Training Licensing Scheme (NOTLS) gives employers the opportunity to check an applicant’s suitability for the role for which they have applied. By requesting an identification check of our database, employers have the ability to not only confirm an applicant’s qualifications are genuine and is still valid, but also facilitates a visual check by means of a photograph. Information is stored offline on our company servers and can only be accessed by our system administrators. Card ID confirmation requests are made using our online form and have a quick response time. We keep no personal information on individuals other than their full name and a photograph for identification purposes. All requests are conducted using only a valid NOTLS Registration number, this protects both the employee and employer from data theft or the possibility of cards being cloned.

When registered with NOTLS, individuals can prove that you have completed a suitable training course, with a qualified instructor that meets all the requirements and regulations set out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). It is the responsibility of your instructor to ensure every application to the NOTLS meets with the approved code of practice relating to all relevant legal requirements of the HSE legislation. There are a number of free booklets available to download that offer guidance on the various legal requirements of individual types of training.

For further details about becoming a Registered Instructor, Download our information pack.
For free booklets on regulations and legal requirements, please visit our Resource page.

Do I need a License?

It’s a common misconception to think that you need a license to operate certain types of workplace machinery, i.e. a counterbalance forklift truck, but this is not the case. In fact, there is no government licensing scheme in operation, however you do need to be properly trained and understand all the health and safety aspect to operate the machine you intend to use. Training is the most important aspect when it comes to operating machinery at work.

What type of Training?

Training can be performed in-house or by any one of the many training providers located throughout the UK. At the end of your training, successful candidates will be issued with a certificate, or in some cases an ID card. It’s this certificate that confirms your successful completion of a training course and that you now have all the necessary skills to operate the machine properly and safely to a competent level.

Health & Safety

Instructors who use NOTLS as their approved register have the specific knowledge and experience to help candidates achieve their ultimate goal of completing their training to a level that meets all HSE rules and legislation. A total of 147 workers were killed at work in Great Britain in 2018/19. For more information on Workplace fatal injuries in Great Britain 2019.
This demonstrates the importance, not just of training, but the awareness of health and safety rules in the workplace. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is the primary piece of legislation covering occupational health and safety in Great Britain.

Search Procedure

A 'Card Varification' request confirms a cards legitimacy and is made using our online search form. Only the unique NOTLS registration number that is printed on every card is used to search our database. We do not allow searches of individual names, this eliminates the possibility of data theft. When the search has completed, the client will receive an email with the full name, photo identification and any qualifying machinery including their expiry dates.


Registration on the NOTLS means that an individual or organisation has been verified against a recognised training provider. It is not an accreditation and provides no guarantee of quality learning provision. Any reference to NOTLS which may indicate endorsement, such as display of the NOTLS logo, is therefore forbidden.